As the name of the company makes clear, shipbuilding is another range of service of Roßlauer Schiffswerft.

In recent years many orders for ship widenings and ship extensions, the production of single sections and the construction of hulls for mega yachts, river cruise ships and special ships have been successfully completed.

In yacht construction alone, the employees of Roßlauer Schiffswerft manufactured a total of 6 hulls or individual sections ranging from 62.5 m to 113 m in length from 2006 to 2012.

As a former pure shipbuilding company, Roßlauer Schiffswerft still has a wealth of experience in this field today.

Although complete new ships are no longer built in Roßlau, the production of subcontracted parts for shipbuilding and the execution of ship repairs are the core areas of today's field of activity.


An excerpt from our references:

Yacht Hull

  • Client: Stahlbau Nord
  • Length a.s.l.: 81,20 m
  • Width: 12,60 m
  • Steel tonnage approx. 590 t

Stilt pontoon

  • Client: Alpine Bau
  • Length a.s.l.: 28,00 m
  • Width: 9,20 m
  • Joint production with the shipyard Aken

Hull for River Cruise Ship