Bridge Construction

The experience of our location "Stahlbau Dessau" in planning, manufacturing and final assembly of steel bridges of different construction methods has been the core competence of our work for decades. We manufacture railroad bridges, road bridges as well as pedestrian bridges.  The different construction methods include bar arch, truss, box girder, trough constructions as well as movable bridges.

We also offer our steel girder fabrication services for steel composite constructions.

All structures and constructions manufactured in our company are delivered including corrosion protection and assembled on your request including assembly planning.


An excerpt from our references:

Steel Beams

  • Client: Arge Rethebrücke
  • Length: 40,50 m
  • Height: 1,62 m
  • Component mass: 6 x 30,5 t
  • Scope of work: Fabrication and corrosion protection

Through Bridge Ostkreuz Berlin

  • Client: Stahlbau Dessau GmbH & Co. KG
  • Length: 25,54 m to 30,49 m
  • Width: 5,80 m to 6,00 m
  • Component mass: 8 x 100.60 t to 135.50 t
  • Scope of services: Fabrication and corrosion protection

Weir Bridge Koblenz

  • Client: WSA Koblenz
  • Length: 5 footbridges with a total length of 215 m
  • Breite: 3,10 m
  • Component mass: 232 t
  • Scope of work: complete service

Replacement of the Road Bridge Lanze-Buchhorst over the Elbe-Lübeck Canal

Structure: Bar arch bridge with orthotropic deck and wind bracing
Span: 43.50 m; width: 8.70 m; height: 8.70 m
Weight: 200 tons
Client: Matthäi Bauunternehmen GmbH & Co. KG, Leezen
Construction period: 2021-2022


The tied arch bridge was prefabricated and conserved in individual assembly parts at the Dessau plant. Pre-assembly of the components took place on site. The completely pre-assembled bridge was lifted onto a pontoon by means of a crawler crane on a hydraulic auxiliary structure. By means of hydraulics, push boat and a towing truck, the bridge was positioned between the abutments, aligned and brought into its final position.