Bridge Repair

In addition to new bridge construction, repair, reconstruction and modernization work on bridge structures is also carried out by our qualified personnel.

This includes the replacement or installation of additional components, work on walkways, replacement of fasteners (e.g. rivets for bolts) and corrosion protection. We have also carried out the conversion of one type of bridge into another (e.g. railroad bridge into pedestrian bridge).


An excerpt from our references:

Moor Canal Bridge Hamburg

  • Service: replacement of defective steel structures, replacement of fasteners
  • Construction time: 2014
  • Builder: Hamburg Port Authority

Dahme Bridge near Bindow

  • Service: Installation of additional cross beams, replacement of riveted joints with bolted joints, corrosion protection
  • Construction time: 2012
  • Builder: LB Straßenwesen Brandenburg / Cottbus