As the name of the company suggests, shipbuilding is another focus of the Roßlauer Schiffswerft.

Over the years, many orders for ship enlargements and extensions, construction of individual sections, and the building of hulls for megayachts, river cruisers and special purpose vessels have been successfully completed.

In yacht building alone between 2006 and 2012, the Roßlauer Schiffswerft staff built a total of 6 hulls or individual sections with lengths of 62.5 m to 113 m.

Originally a shipbuilding company, the Roßlauer Schiffswerft today still retains a wealth of experience in this sector.

Although complete new ships are no longer built in Roßlau, the construction of component parts for shipbuilding as well as ship repairs are an important part of our current fields of activity.

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